Sorry . . . I Can't Chat

So, there are four main types of meetings:

1. This is a total waste of my time.  What have I done to deserve this?

2.  I agree with what is being said.  That’s nice.

3.  This is interesting, and I'm learning some good stuff here.

There is a fourth type that is such a rare unicorn that I didn't even realize it existed.

4.  What is being said challenges how I think about myself as a professional and makes me want to grow and become a better teacher/staff member.

Slow down those chatty Cathys, and get your paperwork done with this procrastination door sign!

Today, I go to attend a meeting like that.  It was a long meeting-as in three and a half hours.  No joke. It was worth every minute though.  We had the chance to meet with Shara Bumgarner, the head of school from The Joy School in Houston.

Shara talked with us tons of different topics on how her school strives not just to support its students academically but also the staff members.  My favorite?  She told us that no matter how wonderful the premise of a school is, if teachers aren't supported, everything falls apart.   Preach it, sister.

While Shara gave us many big thoughts for today, one of my favorites was her I’ve got to get stuff done door sign.
Y'all.  I LOVE this.  When I was in the classroom, I had such a hard time shutting that door and being the meanie that turns someone away.  Plus, to be honest, I'd rather talk to any random person walking by than do the work I'm avoiding.  Then, I'm mad later when I didn't get everything done or because I had to stay crazy late to finish.

Sound familiar?
Slow down those chatty Cathys, and get your paperwork done with this procrastination door sign!

I made a couple of different versions because, why not?  I figured people might become immune to your sign, so you could mix it up.  Also, I'm in the middle of a girly girl stage and a minimal stage and can't decide which one is going to win.

You can download the girly version here and the clean version here.

Enjoy and get some stuff done!

Five on the Fifth {April}

Hey hey! Happy April to you.  I’m here to share five great posts from five awesome bloggers from the past month.

Five on the Fifth: Five awesome posts from five awesome teaching bloggers on the fifth of each month.

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Nearpod?  I wasn't exactly sure what Nearpod actually is, but Courtney from Swimming into Second Grade does a great job of explaining it and ideas for using it in the classroom.
Tips for using Nearpod in the classroom.

Rebecca from Create Teach Share wrote a great post about some of her favorite nonfiction series and has some awesome freebies to support reading responses to them!
5 favorite non-fiction series for engaging readers.

Theme.  Bleh.  I will take any help I can get when it comes to teaching theme.  Here’s a great post from Ciera at Adventures of Room 129 to help you think through your theme lessons.
Steps for teaching theme

Emily from Polka Dots Please wrote about her literacy centers.  I am a firm believe that prep for literacy centers should be EASY for the teacher.  They shouldn’t take so much time that it cuts into planning your actual lessons.  Need some more ideas for that?  Hop on over to her post.
Easy literacy centers!

I love this mentor text bulletin board connection Head Over Heels for Teaching shared on Instagram. This idea would be amazing to run with in so many ways!  You can find Joanne's blog here or find on Instagram at headoverheelsforteaching.
Hope Is an Open Heart: Mentor Text and Inspirational Bulletin Board

April Desktop Calendar

Happy April to you! I'm sharing a desktop calendar background over at Owl-Ways Be Inspired today.  Click here or on the image to hop on over and download it.

Happy April!