From the Shop {October}

Hey hey! Here’s what’s been going on in my TPT store this month with new sets and lots of updated products.

I had a major fall swoon for the colors in my new Laurel jumbo set.

And I love the fun brights in the Avery Mini Set.

The theme this month though in my TPT shop was update, update, update!
I’m really trying to put a lot of time into updating older products right now.  I updated my Back to Basics Set.  It got a major overhaul.

I also spent a lot of time updating my Revising and Editing sets (also known as my only educational products).  These were the one thing I wanted on TPT that didn’t exist, so I had to make them myself.

The first Revising Set focuses on using parts of speech to revise.

 The second Revising Set focuses on using common writing concepts to revise.
 I wanted to have two types because I found my students didn’t always fit into that give your writing some pizzaz! category.  Your future engineers and computer gurus will look at you like you’re crazy if you tell them you need to add pep to your writing.  This kiddos need a little more concrete guidance.

I finished updating the Editing Set, also!

You can grab them all in the Revising and Editing Bundle.

I cannot not tell you how much all of my writers but especially my kids that struggle with writing or lack confidence in their knowledge love these.  When you have reluctant boy writers coming to your desk asking for those card things to help them with their writing, you know you have a winner.  I made sets to go at each table, but had to go back and make more because they fought over them.

And that is the best possible fighting you can have in an elementary classroom.

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  1. The Laurel set is just gorgeous! I'm so glad I grabbed it! I have an update list a mile long, too!


  2. I love your writing cards! What a great way to support students and nudge them towards better writing.