Every Paper Every Day

Sometimes you start to update an old product, and then it becomes a whole new thing.  I was going to update an old papers (one hour, tops!) and ended up creating two new growing products.

The paper set has 400 papers.
Yep.  400.

There are 10 patterns in 20 colors.  Additional colors will be added in the future.  Each pattern was created in both solid white and tonal.

The frame set has 200 frames.

Each of the 20 colors is included in 5 different styles.  Again, the new colors will be added to the set.  Each style was created with color on white and white on color.

You can create almost anything you need with these sets!  Any special requests for the additional colors?  I'm thinking I'll definitely add an olive and rusty color for the fall.  What else would you like to see added?

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  1. You are fueling my addiction. Not fair! Olive and rust would be perfect...some khaki or army green would be good too.



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