Hey Moms {and Dads}-Want an Hour of Peace Everyday?

Ahhh.  Summer.  Time to sleep later, relax, have a little free time.

If you have kids, it takes about 2 days to wonder what in the heck you’re supposed to do with these people ALL. DAY. LONG.

A few years ago, I read this post on a home blog I follow.  She wrote about how she has two kid free hours a day.  Since she has 4 boys, I was sure if she could manage this, I could do it with my two girls.

An hour is good enough at this house, and this Daily 5 loving teacher knew exactly how I wanted to structure this time-4 fifteen minute open ended activities that they could complete independently.

This is our third summer doing this, and it has looked a little different each summer.  The girls and I each come up with ideas, and both lists are the same.  Here are some of the ideas we’ve had over the past few years:

•Math websites (better than math workbooks because I don’t want to check anything.  Just keeping it real.)

•Typing websites


•Spanish websites

•Animal research (sometimes they take notes, make posters, Glogsters, whatever)


•YouTube videos (how to draw, tutorials, etc.)

•Researching recipes on Pinterest (yahoo to kids old enough to cook a simple dinner!)

•Journal writing

This also gives my girls a break from each other.  They have to complete everything independently.  While they do get along really well, some days they’re just tired of each other.

So what would you do with a free hour everyday?

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  1. I've made it a point to put each child in a different room for one part of the day... that way there's no arguing, loud excitement...lol. it works for the most part, but i really do need that peace and quiet! ahh!
    ♥ Jen
    Teacher by the Beach


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  3. My son is 15 but I still like him to have some structured time in the summer dedicated to educational things. I love Khan Academy (FREE) because it offers lessons, not just practice, and I am able to use it with my third graders during the school year, and with my son who is currently needing to brush up on high school Geometry! Love your blog!

    Kathy O Third Grade Doodles


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