Five Tips for Improving Your TPT Store This Year

Hey hey! It’s been a little quiet around here.  I’m getting all settled into the New Year, I guess.

Whatever that means.  It sounds like a good excuse though.

I thought I’d share some of the goals I have for the year for my TPT store.  I read in an article (it was actually for Etsy sellers, but same rules apply) that if you’re wanting to grow your store, instead of focusing on sales, focus on the store.  That sounds a little weak, but it made more sense as I read on.

Because obsessing about sales, watching sales, following my husband around talking about sales does not actually improve my sales.

This article suggested you spend 30 minutes a day focusing on your store (outside of product production).  Improving it, researching ideas, promoting, whatever.  I don’t think 30 minutes a day is viable for me, but here is what I plan to do:


This is going to be painful, but I need to go back and put hyperlinks in way more of my product descriptions.  Hyperlinking to other products in descriptions are a great way to get people to view correlating products or bundles.  The actual hyperlinking, not so fun.  I’m doing it in batches.  I might be done by the time school is out for the summer.

My sweet friends from Collaboration Cuties can tell you how to do it.  It’s super simple and effective.  It’s also boring as heck.

Update Covers

Fix up those covers.  Since you started selling on TPT, I’m willing to bet that your cover making skills have improved.  You may have developed a certain style.  It’s time to share some of those skills will older products.  My first instinct was that it sounds good, but I’d rather put the time into new products.


Have you ever purchased something amazing on TPT, then went to check out the rest of the store, and it wasn’t really what you were expecting?  Buyers are visual.  If you spend time improving your first impressions, then you may generate more sales on existing products.  This is a great thing to do to continue momentum in your store if you’re in an idea slump.

Because I have the maturity of a six year old, I have to bribe myself.  Uploading a new product is the best feeling in the world, so I’ve started not letting myself post a new product until I update the cover of a few similar products.  It’s better than bribing myself with candy.  Which I have done before.

Spruce up your store

Change out your featured items to show off new products or seasonal items.  I definitely want to be more mindful of that.  Change out your banner.  Take advantage of creating categories (please-as a very lazy buyer, I am begging you to use categories.) You don’t have to think traditionally, reading, math, etc.  If your close reads are selling like hot cakes, make a close read category.  Make it easy for people to find more of what they like in your store.

Blog Authentically

Yep.  Not just blog, but authentically.  Not just, I made something new.  Go buy it.  Show off your product, take pictures of it in use.  Tell us how you used it and how you taught with it.  This will be a little trickier for me, and I’ve been thinking about some ways to make that work for me.  I’m thinking maybe some layout options?  I really appreciate seeing a great product in action and it makes me much more likely to buy it, so I’m trying to translate that into digital papers.



I WILL keep up with my taxes this year.  Besides the fact that this is making my life hell right now, it is also interfering with creating new products right now.  It will also help me keep up with how much I’m spending and making, and which will give me a a better sense of how my little business is growing.  Stephanie from Mrs. D’s Corner wrote a great post on taxes.  Even if you are a last minute person, spend time this year learning about taxes and ways to keep more of the money you’re earning.

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  1. Megan - I love your advice!!!
    I saw a nice and consistent sales increase when I added hyperlinks, so it is definitely worth the "boring." Put on a good show on netflix and get to town!! ;-)
    I'm going to redo old covers while I'm off in February! Thanks for the push!!
    A Teachable Teacher

  2. Thank you!!! I really need to do #2. Thankfully, I have some amazing papers, frames, etc. from an awesome designer I know :)

  3. Great advice Megan! I definitely need to update covers and add hyperlinks, putting a minimum time on how long you will commit to doing this is a great idea.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  4. These are spot on!
    Adding hyperlinks is at the top of my to-do list. #2 hits very close to home - I need to deactivate some older files until I get them up to par. I love #4! I read a lot of blogs weekly and some have been all about affiliates and products lately. The husband comment made me LOL, I'm sure mine would add an emphatic"yes!" Thanks for the tips & inspiration!

  5. I have to bribe myself to do things too, so I get where you're coming from. My husband gets almost daily updates on sales. Now he thinks he's my CFO!


  6. I agree with Lauren! I started hyperlinking (which is ANNOYING, but thank you Collaborative Cuties :) ) and sales definitely went up! Thanks for the advice!

  7. Wonderful post! Thanks for linking to other articles. Everything was incredible!

  8. Thanks! This was a great post. I need to keep track of everything for taxes this year. I cringe to think about how much I spent on ink cartridges!.

  9. Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing. These are very helpful.

    Luv My Kinders

  10. Great blog post and great tips! Have you been looking at my product covers?!? Haha! I'll have to go buy some more of your papers to spruce up my outdated covers!

  11. You are so funny! I love your stream of consciousness.
    Thanks for the tips!! I'm working on my VERY FIRST packet! =) I've got all your tips checked off.

  12. Such a great post!! A good friend told me about a year ago that successful sellers focus on what they have just as much as what they want to have and that mentality has seriously helped my store grow tremendously! Have you tried It's seriously easy!! I have been using it to add hyperlinks to my product description, it's a game changer for sure! Super excited about this summer too ;) ;)

    1. I just wanted to say thanks for the This just about makes my days--I can't tell you how much I mess them up.


  13. These are great tips! I did some sprucing up this summer with much thanks to your papers (although I haven't made any new products since fall). I need to work on actually blogging more again, and making sure it's authentic instead of a linky that doesn't take much thought. I have noticed that I've moved more toward keeping up with my FB page, though, being that it's easier and quicker for people to follow and check.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  14. Oh, taxes. I bought a cute little organizer at Target today that will hopefully inspire me to get my taxes together. Alas.
    Great list-- I agree with it all!


  15. Thanks for this blog post! I think it was really the push that I needed to go back and edit some old covers. I have also been dreading doing this because I would rather create a new product. However, I can definitely create better covers than what's up there and I need to do it!

  16. Thanks for all the great tips! I'm planning to work on updating my covers. Thanks for taking time to help us all out!
    Sweet Sweet Second Grade

  17. This has been so helpful to me! I started following some of your advice, and I'm starting to realize that I needed to do this a long time ago. Also, I still have far to go, but I really have come a long way! I'm going to post about some of my favorite blog posts from this month, and I'm including this.
    Not very fancy

  18. Thank you for sharing. It was the reminder I really needed.... now to dust my TpT store. :)

  19. Great post! Thanks so much for the tips!

  20. Thanks for the tips. I have a lot of sprucing up to do!

    Swinging for Success

  21. Megan, you really inspired me. Check out my post on the subject at
    I referenced your posting. :)

  22. Great post!

    This is the first year I need to worry about taxes for my TpT store.. Praying I don't owe to much money! I am going through my TpT purchases now to see what I can deduct when we meet! Thanks for the suggestions!