Small Group Resources I Love

I am working with 1st-4th grades in small groups for reading, so I need a wide variety of resources.  Here are few faves that I purchased recently:
Cannot say enough about Jen Jones products.  I have a borderline obsession/love for all of Jen Jones' resources.  Her Hello 411 Close Reading sets are so good I bought Volume 1 and Volume 2.  Each article comes with a teaching points page and several comprehension activities.  They are lovingly organized in their own accordion folder.  I may have pet it a few times.
You don't have to print them in color, but I chose to.  I have no resources for this position.  I bought them and laminated them myself, so I figured the school was cool with me color printing them.  Right?  Nod your head in agreement.

Another idea that I wish was mine.  Luckeyfrog's Lilypad has monthly sets of these Super Text Detectives in her shop.
She has a freebie in her TPT store, so you can get an idea for yourself of how awesome these are.

And last but not least, these sound boxes cards from Laura Martin.  Another product I printed in color.  Let's hope our tech person is not reading this post.
These are great for so many ways.  Obviously it's good for recording sounds, but with younger readers, you could fill in the vowel and work just on beginning or ending sounds.  You could use these for a pushing pennies activity to help them practice isolating sounds.  For a literacy center, you could give them a variety of vowel sounds to first sort, then record.

Did I mention I love them?  There are more cards here and here that have gone on my wish list.

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Five on the Fifth

I am so excited to be back with a new five on the fifth post this month.  This was one of my favorite series, and it kind of fell by the wayside last year when I wasn't working much.  But now I'm back and blog reading with a vengeance.  Here are five awesome posts (and a bonus!) from the past month by five awesome bloggers.  You can find more fabulous posts on my 5 on the 5th Pinterest board.
First up is a post from Peppy Zesty Teacherista.  When I saw this originally on Instagram, I immediately wished it had come from my brain.  It's so smart.  And simple.  And genius.  I emailed her, and asked her if she would blog about it because all the people should know.  Hop on over to read Amber's post about her MATH stations.
Next is a post from Collaboration Cuties about a product from Lovin' Lit.  You know if someone else writes an entire blog post about a product that's not theirs, it's a good one.  Click here to read what these ladies think of Lovin' Lit's Build a Better Sentence resource.
Next up is a post from Math Coach's Corner on The Q Factor-Quality Questions.  We know we need to add more rigor (Texas word, I'm sure your state has it's own) to math word problems.  This a great post on guiding you through the process of writing higher quality math questions.  

Next up is a post from Queen of the First Grade Jungle.  I am obsessed with her super hero door.  It was the inspiration for my Super Hero mini set.  Who wouldn't want to walk into that door ever day?
I am equally obsessed with The Tattooed Teachers super hero bulletin board.  And those KG Second Chance Sketch letters.  Swoon.  You can even vote for it in the MPM Bulletin Board Contest.
The last post I want to share from you is from Mrs. Bartel's School Family.  I love this blog.  Her school is so strikingly different in a country that is dead set on making every classroom the same to do well on the same test.  It is an Ag/Tech charter, and they have cows and other live things like Jenny that Alyce wrote about in this post.
And since I'm late, so this is technically a six on the sixth post (it was a Friday night people, and a Nordstrom opened in my town that day-I have priorities), here's a bonus post.  I found this GEM using every teacher's favorite search engine-Pinterest.  Your kids will absolutely "get" rounding to the nearest ten with this lesson.  As in forever.  Blair from One Lesson at a time shared it on All Things Upper Elementary.
Have a great weekend!


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