I Am Not a Robot-Beating S*P*A*M

Hey y'all! I'm excited to share the first post is a summer series of blogging tutorials.  Summer is a great time for teachers to dive into blogging.  We actually have time to breath, sleep, and learn.  What a luxury.
First of all, how cute are these graphics form Miss Tiina?  Swoon.  Now let's move on to the good stuff.

When you set up your blog, one of the selections you can make is how readers comment.

**Not sure how your blog is set up?  Go to your dashboard and select Settings-->Posts and Comments

One of the decisions a blogger has to make is to choose between allowing readers to comment easily and dealing with losers who like to leave comments linking back to their own illegal gambling, credit card stealing, I'm too lazy to advertise my own shady dealings, etc. type of websites.


•Deal with it.  The problem is, if someone comments on your blog and chooses to follow the comments, they're getting spam email, too.  I'm still getting spam emails from blogs I commented on last summer.

•Turn on word verification.  This block spammers, but you'll lose commenters because those prove you're not a robot things are a pain in the butt.  I have just given up commenting many times because I have an hard time reading them (especially on my iPad.)

•Turn on comment moderation, but that's a big commitment.  How often are you going to go you comments section on your dashboard and read through?  Do you really need one more thing to do?


One thing I have noticed is that most unwanted comments pop up on older posts.  To get around this, I've set my comments up this way:

Word verification is off, so readers can easily comment.  Comment moderation is on for comments on posts that are more than 14 days old.  I recently checked my comments (go to your dashboard-->Comments-->Awaiting Moderation).  I marked the ones that were spammers for you.
When you hover over a comment, the option to Publish, Delete, or mark as Spam pops up.  I try to go through every few weeks and catch up on these.

All right readers! That's my first summer blogging tutorial.  I have more planned, but is there something you're looking for a tutorial on?  Leave a comment below.

Want to learn more about blogging?  Click on the Blog Baby Blog link at the top of the page to learn more blogging tips and tricks.

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  1. That's exactly what I do, too! My spam comments tend to come on my posts with the most views, so they tend to be posts that have been around for a while. I would add that when you go to your initial Blogger dashboard, it shows how many comments are awaiting moderation, so you can quickly check to see if the comment is legit or not. I will also add that I tend to skip commenting on blogs where I have to enter the code, but many new bloggers don't even realize that they have that enabled.

  2. Thanks Megan. I had no idea that word verification was enabled on my blog.

  3. Oh, and another topic (if you don't already have it planned) is fixing the no-reply blogger thing.

  4. Going to change to that 14 day thingie - thanks Megan : )

  5. Thanks for the tip! Just like AMC, I'm going to change mine to 14 days also. Can't wait to keep reading this series of posts!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. Thanks for the helpful tip. I am trying to break into the blogging world and your posts will be something I look forward too!!

  7. Thank you, Megan! I'm looking forward to reading this helpful series of posts!

    Fit to be Fourth

  8. Thanks Megan!! This was really helpful. :) Had to turn the word verification on for spammers but k didn't really want to.. this solves that problem!

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  9. This was incredibly helpful, thank you! So glad to know that I am not alone in struggling to read the verification numbers! I made the change too.

  10. Thanks SO much! Thanks for sharing this!

  11. I'm also changing the 14 day thing! Spammers are so annoying!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  12. I received my first Spammer Comment yesterday! Yuck!! So, I took your advice and changed my settings. Thanks Megan, you are the best!


  13. This is brilliant! I got three spammed comments in one day last week and they were on posts from last year. THANK YOU for sharing! I'm going to fix that right now.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  14. I just discovered your blog through my friend Dana's blog (Gridiron). I'm going to start teacher-blogging, and I appreciate the help I'll be getting from you. I'll also have you design the blog... once I think of a name.

  15. Thank you so much, in four years I've never had a problem, then I get 215 spams all on Monday! Crazy, and they were all on older posts! This tip was the best, thank you!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  16. Thank you so much for the "dirty laundry" help on your blog tutorials! That has been bothering the heck out of me. Your help is all genius! I have a new linky going on. Come by and check it out and join up! Julie

  17. I would love to know how to make my blog link an actual hyperlink when I comment on people's blogs. I feel like I found it somewhere...but I don't know where. Do you have simple directions for how to do this?

    1. Hi Ryan! If you click on the Blog Baby Blog tab at the top of my blog, you will find a tutorial for it there.

  18. Great information. I recently noticed bunches of spam on my old posts. This will definitely help.

  19. Another great post! Thank you again!

  20. Yay thank you so much! Mine was getting out of hand.

  21. Very helpful. Just made this change to my own blog. Thanks!

  22. I love these tips thank you!!! I'm. Just starting to blog (again) and this time plan to stick with it. If you have not covered it yet, I would like to know how to create two page entries when posting just once ( for example, home page and say, tech). Thank you!!!

  23. Thanks a bunch! I'm a new blogger and had no idea about this!