Sharing My Blessings

TPT and blog designing have brought so many blessings my way this past year.  It's been a creative outlet, connected me with some great online friends, and funded some sassy new items for my wardrobe.

However, I knew I wanted to do more with my little business.
**Side note: Feels super awkward to call it that.  Seems like it can't be a business until it pays a liveable salary.  The U.S. government and our accountant do not agree though.  I tried to explain that it was fun money and not a business.  He was not moved.**

Back to the point, my little side business is growing, and I wanted to do something good with it.  I knew I wanted to commit some of my blessings to become someone else's blessing.  I decided to sponsor a girl from Guatemala through Compassion International.  A few years ago, I had two students from different families that had been adopted in Guatemala.  They both had the most amazing smiles that just lit up the room.  One of the ways you can search is to choose by children who have been waiting the longest for a sponsor.  The girl I am sponsoring had been waiting for 310 days.  That's a long time to hope.

A while back, I wrote about how I wanted to burst my girls' bubble.  Our family decided to sponsor a child in Kenya through Compassion International.  While I thought the organization sounded amazing, not all charity organizations are actually very charitable.  Compassion International is an amazing organization and is continually ranked 4 stars (best ranking) by Charity Navigator, an organization that ranks charity organizations' financial health, accountability, and transparency.
**That fundraising efficiency is a good thing.  I thought it was weird, but read about it.  That is the amount that is spent to raise $1.  The best organizations spend below $0.10 per dollar.

I am so delighted to share my blessings in this way and through this organization.  I hope you'll take a little time to visit Compassion International's site.  Maybe you have some blessings to share, too.


  1. What a wonderful idea - thanks for sharing!
    I've been searching for a way to give back for all my blessings, too.
    I'm so glad you posted this :)

  2. We also sponsor a child through compassion network. My own kiddos loved picking out her picture and we put it in my mom's name as a Christmas Present. She always taught us to give back!

    Melissa O'Bryan
    Wild About Fifth Grade

  3. Thank you for posting this. Sometimes, it's easy to forget how blessed we truly are. I will definitely check out that site.

    Fit to be Fourth

  4. What a thoughtful and generous thing to do! You are so kind, Megan, all the way around. A through and through good person! I will check out the site as well!

  5. So very gracious and inspiring! I love how your using your fun money to help others in need!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! Very touching and inspiring.
    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  7. Hi Megan! I'm so inspired by how you're giving back. That little one is blessed to have your help, compassion and love.

    Here's to a blessed new year,



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