Introducing Mini Sets and a Freebie

My poor little TPT store has been pretty neglected lately.  Between the "two week" teaching job I took (five weeks later and no end in sight . . .), blog designs, family life, I just haven't had any big ideas.  Know the feeling?

I finally broke out of my rut, though, with these Mini Sets.  I love creating papers and frames and borders and all that good stuff, but sometimes you don't need it all.  That's what these sets are for.  Each set includes 4 papers, 1 frame, and 1 ribbon.  That's it.  And for $2, I think they're a steal.

Here are some of the fun sets in my store:

I have a Thanksgiving freebie for you too.  I love to decorate, but can't say I'm very good at creating all these beautiful arrangements I see on home blogs.  I CAN stick a printable in a frame like nobody's business though.  Here are three Thanksgiving printables ready for you to stick in a frame and call your home decorated for the holidays.

Only more week until Thanksgiving break.  Hope you have some fun plans!

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  1. Those sets are so cute- you're right about not needing 35 papers and 69 borders per set! I never end up using them all because I find the three I like and stick to them. Thanks for the freebies!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. What a fantastic idea!! Love it! And you have some great pattern andcolor combos! I'll be buying a couple, for sure.


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