There's a New Collab in Town!

Are you a second or third grade teacher?  There's a new collaborative blog in Blogland called Owl-ways Be Inspired.  This gal is happy to have joined in and to share a grand opening giveaway with you:
Um, how cute is this sign? Ridiculous.

This grand opening giveaway was designed to get you ready for B2S.  I won't spell it out in case you're not completely read for that concept yet.
It is my firm belief that inappropriate cards can ease all sort of angst and pain.  

Anyway, back to the giveaway.  I've thrown in my latest product.  These cutie patootie little apples:

They feel so back to schoolish.  I made sure to have my Basic Brights colors mixed in there, so if you already have those papers or clipart, they'll match up.

Now head on over to check out the rest of this awesome giveaway!

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  1. I'm all about those inappropriate cards when the mention of B2S comes up. I refuse to think about it at this point, given that I didn't get out of school until June 26th!

  2. I love the apples! They are adorable!

  3. I agree...where would we be without inappropriate cards?!?! Makes us laugh when we really want to get the ugly cry on! That sign IS super cute, and I love those apples!

    I have been using your tutorials as I have been designing a class blog nthank you so much for sharing your talents! And, I still love my blog design!

    Lisa :)