Jackie Robinson and Tidbits and Guinea Pigs Wanted

First up: the educational stuff, then on to the tidbits and guinea pigs.

We've started our biography unit.  This week, we are reading Teammates.
Today, we read the first half and recorded some of the things our thinking voice said.  I've written about our thinking voices before here and here.

Tomorrow, we're going to compare and contrast.

Thursday, we're going to respond to what we've read.
You can download it all here.  Next week, they'll work in book clubs.  They love book clubs.  It sounds so grown up.

Random Tidbits:
My sister posted this on Facebook.  She's a high school English teacher, and STAAR writing is less than two weeks away.

Some lovely new blog designs are finished:

Go visit these ladies, and give them some blog love.

Now, onto the guinea pigs.

Not this kind.

I'm trying out something to replace my pre made blog designs-faster and less expensive than a custom design but more personal than a pre made.

So, I need three willing victims blog friends to go through the process, get your design, and give me some feedback.  If you don't like the final product, not worries.

We're not going to make this complicated.  Just leave a comment and your e-mail if you're interested.  I'll do a random number thingy on Friday evening, and we'll go from there.

Already got a blog design you love?  Well, go tell a friend with a blah design about it!

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  1. Those new blog designs look AMAZING!!! Holy cow, i love them! I have no blog design other than what I know about blogger from my years of blogging before teacher blogs. Meaning, its all me and i dont html....
    I'd love to be your guinea pig :) reyesremarkablerants at gmail dot com

  2. This post just made my day! I am a huge Dodger fan and Teammates is my favorite read aloud...I reference it all year long. Thanks for sharing...and I found some new blogs to follow.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. I am up for a change...I can be a guinea pig. rebeccahallock@yahoo.com

    Ladybugs Lounge

  4. OOH ME!!!!! I am all about being a guinea pig---- I even have a funny guinea pig story. :) acrosgrove@gmail.com
    Teaching Texas Teens

  5. Thank you again for the AMAZING blog design! Love! :)

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  6. Wow! What a great blog you have published. I adore it and will share to my friends.Thanks!

    smithtown dentist

  7. I absolutely love your new blog design and the three you designed! AH-mazing!! I designed my own blog and love the theme, but there are definitely some little changes I would make and would like added! I just don't quite know how to do them :/ I would love to be a guinea pig if you want to help make mine better! :)


  8. I'll be a guinea pig! I love your blog designs!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  9. I can be a guinea pig. I've been wanting a change. Your designs look great.
    Primary Paradise

  10. Megan, thanks again for my new blog...I absolutely love it! Potential guinea pigs, good luck getting chosen! Megan is the best!

    Downeast Teach

  11. Change is good and being a guinea pig would be fun! I'd love to see what magic you can work!



  12. I am totally posting that to FB for my non-blogging friends.


  13. I totally need help with my blog and would love to change it up ( it's basically pieced together right now. Help Me!
    First Grade by the Sea

  14. I am a new follower and could use help with my blog. Just started it almost a month ago.


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